Welcome all National Instrument Circuit Design Suite Admins and Users.

I would like to thank everyone for their time and support of this site past, present and future. I have completely retooled the entire site from very old server software to the latest and greatest open source has to offer. All the modules and downloaders have been updated and restored as close as possible to the original configuration from the old site software. All downloads are in place, a new forum is in place (all old data has been lost), and all previous articles restored.

I have kept the most of the old opening statement with grammatical fixes for people to realize it's the same site but updated to the latest and greatest server software. Enjoy.

This is the place to find components, models, and footprint of parts that are not found in any of the databases from NI. While the libraries are fairly extensive, it has been found that a lot of older parts, and many newer parts, are just simply not available. Users are welcome to download/upload and share any of these things among the community. It is always up to the user to verify the results, but it has been demonstrated that there are very powerful people who do excellent work to create parts that are needed. You're invited to contribute or use the data. Enjoy!

Chris Bertrand


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All current past and present members of the site MUST re-register as there was no way for a proper upgrade from the very old version software that ran the site to what is in use today. The major issue was the provider required an upgrade to the central servers to newer version of PHP control code. The old software that ran the site was obsolete and could not run on that version without corrupting the site. There was no way to migrate so all users are required to register again. Thanks for your understanding.