This service is provided in the hope that it will be useful, but is not officially endorsed or supported by National Instrumentstm in any way.

We are a community of users of National Instrumentstm Circuit Design software, including Multisim/Ulticap and Ultiboard, which promote the sharing of resources with others.

While every effort will be made to ensure the integrity of the material here, we cannot guarantee that mistakes will not occur.

Use your discretion when using footprints, models, or other resources obtained here for prototyping and production applications. We are not responsible if there are errors in the final output files that may cause the design to fail Assembly or CAM validation. It is your responsibility to verify all content of any given part/component against its datasheet to ensure it matches the manufacturers provided specifications.

This is an open community so you as the user assumes all responsibility for implementing anything gathered from this site.

Once again, please use common sense and if you have questions or doubts, ask about it on our forum.

Due to multiple bots trying to access the site for no practical reason, registration is now limited to sending me an email using the words (without spaces) Invite Me At Each email will be privately verified. Over 600+ members have already registered, so there is no tricks, just need to actually read the information to verify you say who you say you are. Thanks for your understanding.

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