Where are files for download and upload? Resolved


Only registered members are upload and download files from this site. Previous members have stated that I should just open the site anyone and forego registration and really, that just serves no one well at all. We understand not everyone can/will contribute for various reason i.e. time, understanding, need parts fast, or just plain hoarders... all of that is fine, but I have concluded that leaving the door wide open is not in the best interest of the group and therefore will continue to require people to register with the site.

I have proven for more than a decade now that I will never distribute your personal information. That type of behavior is repulsive and completely unacceptable. Therefore, you must register with the site to access to be able to download.

After registration is complete, the menu system creates additional links above to provide access while you are logged into the site. In this day and age, this is not a big ask and you are providing nothing more than an valid email address, which in the big picture, is fair. The only reason a valid email is required is I will sometimes send out an email blast to all of the members for announcements about a new part that has been added to the site or some change to the site that people need to be aware of, nothing more.

We hope this site provides you some value and helps assist in your needs which is most likely why you have arrived here.

Posted 5 months agoby Chris Bertrand
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